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Our Activities

CWAI dreams to bring qualitative change in the lives of the disadvantaged woman and vulnerable children of the society so that a society is created which will march towards a stronger and better country.

  1. Education: To make education accessible members through their affiliated units/ societies run Balwadis/ primary Schools/Adult literacy center/ Nonformal centers/remedial classes for week students/centers for physically challenged/ computer training centers.
  2. Health and hygiene: Health check-up camps/Free eye check up and cataract surgery/ free dental check-up camps/Awareness camps on infectious diseases thalassemia, cancer/ immunization of children/ Awareness programs on hygiene, sanitation, balanced diets are held.
  3. Woman Empowerment: The Vocational training center for dressmaking, weaving, food preservation, beautician course, masonry are taught. Self-help groups are formed which lead to entrepreneurship and capacity building abilities.
  4. Disaster Management: For all natural and manmade calamities relief operations are arranged.
  5. Environment Protection: Undertaking projects of social for the planting of saplings and medicinal plants help to protect the environment.
  6. Institutions: Some affiliated societies run short stay homes/ old age homes/ orphanages for destitute children.
  7. Tortured Woman: The tortured woman is rescued and provided with medical, legal and psychological helps.
  8. Gender Equality: Effort is made to eradicate gender discrimination and secure gender equality.
  9. Organic Agriculture: Training is given for organic farming to produce healthy organic food products.
  10. Conferences: Members attend the international conference organized by ACWW and IAW of which CWAI is a member society. Every year Annual conference is organized in different states of the country giving members chance to interact and build up fellowship and also to spread CWAI unite all over the country. Seminars on different topics are organized and elections are held every three years in headquarters.
  11. Publication: “Communication” containing comprehensive information and activities of different associations along with articles by the members are circulated to all members during the conference.

In all our endeavors we seek help from like-minded individuals and associations/Societies so that we can serve society to the best of ability.