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About Us

Country Woman’s Association of India came into being in 1970 by Late Aroti Dutta, former president of the Associated country woman of the world (ACWW) and former vice president of International Alliance of the woman(IAW). She received cooperation from society sensitive woman who wanted to work for the underprivileged section of Indian society, especially woman and children. Thus CWAI dreams to bring qualitative change in the lives of the disadvantaged woman and vulnerable children of the society so that a society which is created, will march towards a stronger and better country.

Members of AWAI try to provide education, health care income generating programs to the woman and children’s organization in India and to render all possible help for their welfare and development programs.

It also provides education with a special emphasis on health, nutrition, literacy and woman empowerment in economic, social political and legal areas.

CWAI has dedicated life members coming from all over India. Their voluntary services for the upliftment of woman and children have brought about a qualitative and qualitative change among those with whom they work. There are member societies and CWAI unit in different states through which CWAI tries to achieve its goals.